Berry College’s new Animal Science Center is a major step forward. One of many differentiators for the largest land-owning college in the world, “not settling for the status quo” is another approach to continued progress. Students are being prepared for veterinary medicine, genetics, immunol…

As I watch the rainfall on this spring day, my mind recalls a scene from late August 1975, which still produces laughter. At the time, we were living in an apartment in Moultrie and I was expecting my third child to arrive any day. My oldest daughter, Amy, was on her way 天天乐棋牌 from public kin…

As we were sitting around the family room, watching episode after episode of “The Closer” (my wife’s shelter-in-place go-to favorite), I offered aloud a fun fact I had read on the Interwebs.

I always enjoyed school. There are probably a couple of professors at my alma mater at the Loveliest Village on the Plains who might take issue with that, but it’s only important for you to remember that I said school, not necessarily classes.

Every spring, I go into a bit of mourning when they mow the meadow near my house. I know why they do it. In their eyes it is a yard in need of taming, but I see it differently.

I woke one morning with my mind on what I had heard about life and living as I was visiting the grave of a loved one with a friend.

I have come across some odd and peculiar things in this old life. One of the strangest was back in my young days when some friends and I would go ghost hunting. We would load up a friend’s car with girls on Saturday night and head for a place that was supposed to be haunted.

The inertia of the country seems to be moving increasingly toward lessening restrictions and “opening the economy.” Incredible suffering has resulted from our coping with the coronavirus, both physically and economically. By the time this is published, hundreds and perhaps thousands more wil…

This is the time of year when Mama registered me for summer camp every year. I have many great memories of those happy-go-lucky days at day camp.

With the majority (hopefully) of us sheltering perhaps it is a good time to share a bit of the New Mexico landscape that stretches before and behind Ranchero Musselwhite. I offer this as one way to take a little trip away from your confinement, if only in your mind.

The coronavirus pandemic is impacting our lives in so many ways. But among them, the need for distance and isolation has underscored just how important human connections are – and why, even as we are separated, it is critical that we work together.

Regret is a powerful emotion that often scars our hearts and disturbs our minds. Most of us have regretted our words, deeds, or choices at some point in our lives. How many nights have we tossed and turned over our guilt and rue the day we made a remorseful decision?

It is with a heavy heart that I lay these problems at the community’s doorstep. But I am at my wit’s end.

Fear is an interesting emotion. At the most basic level, in a reflectionary sense, it can save your life. As part of a person’s everyday thought process, however, fear can be crippling and become a real detriment.

Pushing away today’s occurring’s — each minute’s demand and every daily mini-intrusion needing my attention — I make room at day’s end to write. I sit at my computer with a thought I wish to share and coax it onto the page as experience and listening allow me. Quiet guards the house while I …

While it appears as if the COVID-19 public health emergency MAY have peaked in Georgia, it seems to me like we’ve got to continue efforts to test and trace. The one thing that does legitimately concern me about this coronavirus is the apparent ease of transmission from people who are asymptomatic.

How does one correct a mistake of this magnitude? When we take steps without considering the circumstances, the result can be costly or deadly for many concerned.

The political armchair quarterbacks have been lobbing Hail Mary passes all week; it’s always easy to criticize the person making the call.

In many Christian liturgies this weekend we hear the story of The Road to Emmaus.

Whenever we find that our religious life is making us feel that we are good — above all, that we are better than someone else — I think we may be sure that we are being acted on, not by God, but by the devil. The real test of being in the presence of God is, that you either forget about your…

I had a work colleague who refused to answer her cellphone unless she knew exactly who was calling her.

As I write this, we are celebrating my dad’s 81st birthday. I asked him if the current novel coronavirus crisis is the hardest thing he has ever been through, and he said yes.

I can remember a lot of stories the old folks told to us kids as we were growing up. Storytelling was like going to the movies on a Saturday night. Some of the old folks could come up with good ghost stories. As I have said, I could not prove that any of them were true. True or false, they m…

Since my Outlook 天天乐棋牌 columns were written, weeks before publishing in the Rome News-Tribune, the world as we know it has changed.

An unexpected, though delightful, benefit of the coronavirus lockdown is the significant reduction of air pollution. There are not very many cars on the road these days. Everybody is staying 天天乐棋牌. Therefore, there is less air pollution — which means you can easily observe the night sky. It i…

Another byproduct of forced isolation is an increase in unwanted pounds. Studies show that when we eat in a stressed state, we store fat in our belly and we do not metabolize food well.

There are possibly many who are battling depression from isolation and uncertainty. Fear and hopelessness love each other, and COVID-19 is determined to produce both. I know friends who I sense are suffering from bouts of the blues and take it from me, I can spot depression from any 6-foot s…

I usually like a good hike. There is something about being on a trail that is soothing and healing. It can be empowering to use my own two feet — and sometimes my wits — to make it through a hard path.

When my sister and I were young, our mother routinely signed us up for all kinds of summer camps and activities, whether we liked it or not. Mostly not.

Will the media please quit telling people how much staying 天天乐棋牌 is a challenge. Granted the job situation is bad for a while, but most Americans long before the virus have been staying 天天乐棋牌 looking at their devices. The staying 天天乐棋牌 part is a norm for most Americans.

I have raised her from a wee little infant, yet my daughter is still not inclined to fold the towels the way that I like them.

Those of us who are sheltering in place for the first time are finding it very hard and for some it is near impossible.

With multiple interests being a life-long companion, I have never been moved to follow a certain TV show weekly, making sure all my chores and assignments were either managed or set aside to where nothing interfered or impeded the watching of each episode of a serial.

If you read my stories you have noticed that I write about people that I met. I met all kinds while on the Police Department. Some I remember and there were others I try to forget. Gladys was one of those who brings a smile to my face.

When I write my column, I always want to end up where I began. Otherwise, the reader is lost. Although I am trying to do so today, my thoughts are all over the place.

One thing I think my readers need to know right up front is that I’m a horse enthusiast. I enjoy sharing horse topics from time to time, especially this one — about reading.