As the temperature starts to rise, Rome and Floyd County residents may be missing their regular spots to cool off.

The earliest the play-in fountain at the Town Green and the Northside Swim Center could open this year would be June 20, County Manager Jamie McCord said Tuesday.

McCord gave the update at the city and county Joint 天天乐棋牌 Committee videoconference regarding several shared programs.

Whether the facilities open at all this year remains a question, based on state COVID-19 guidelines on the number of people that can take advantage of water parks.

Todd Wofford, the parks and recreation department director, said the whole concept of social distancing at the city pool off Kingston Avenue would be extremely challenging to manage.

“We need 190 people a day at $5 a day to break even,” Wofford said. “That doesn’t even make sense to open up a swimming pool for 10 people. That’s going to be a big question.”

With the uncertainty over an opening date coupled with the timing for the hiring and certification of lifeguards and other staff, getting the pool open may be difficult this summer.

“On the side of youth activities, I think we’ve got to use a lot of caution,” City Commissioner Craig McDaniel said.

City officials did not discuss any specific plans for the reopening of the Town Green fountain next to the Forum River Center.

McCord also reported that the annual Independence Day fireworks program is still on the calendar for July 4 — but there will not be any organized events in Ridge Ferry Park.

“We do plan on the park being open but the fireworks will be on Jackson Hill,” McCord said. “We have worked with local radio and media partners to simulcast music and information so, theoretically, you can still go anywhere in the vicinity of Jackson Hill and sit and watch.”

“I don’t see any scenario where it’s going to safe to put 8,000 people back in Ridge Ferry Park on July 4,” Wofford said. “And I don’t see that many people feeling comfortable to come down to the park.”

County Commission Chairman Scotty Hancock said that leadership will need to consider how to monitor places where people gather to watch the fireworks.

“They are going to gather if we have a fireworks show,” Hancock said. “They may not congregate at the park but they’re going to pick locations to gather to watch the fireworks show if we have it.”

McCord also said the Parker Center and all senior adult programming through the Parks and Recreation Department remains suspended until further notice.

The Ridge Ferry Park Farmers Market is still scheduled to open its annual Wednesday and Saturday morning run on June 3.

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